Laboratory Furniture

Laboratory Furniture

You can turn to me for the production and installation of custom-made laboratory furniture. Thanks to my years of experience in the sector, I have the necessary knowledge and the best contacts to realise the desired furniture.

I come to your premises and we discuss your wishes and needs together. Everything is made to measure, perfectly placed and finished so that you can start using your laboratory immediately.

Suppliers and subcontractors

In order to provide you with the best quality, I work with a selection of subcontractors and suppliers.

The laboratory furniture is precisely measured on site, after which it is completely custom-made for you. In this way, it always meets all your needs and wishes, and can serve you optimally.

It is then installed by one of the subcontractors and finished to the last detail. Everything is left clean, so you won’t be faced with any surprises.

Follow-up from A to Z

The installation of laboratory furniture also falls within the scope of project management. This means that everything is measured for you, quotes are requested, the right supplier and subcontractor are selected for you and the furniture is placed properly.

Everything is tracked for you, from enquiry to delivery. You don’t have to think about anything or worry, everything is taken care of for you

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